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Missing Scenes – An Evening at Hanging Rock

Louise K Wilson was invited to work on a new commission in parallel with the Topophobia exhibition. The resulting work, Missing Scenes – An Evening at Hanging Rock, is based on Peter Weir’s iconic film Picnic at Hanging Rock.

For the production of Missing Scenes the artist worked with three local people, who were invited to read the original novel by Joan Lindsay, in which a picnic that begins happily, ends in terror. Each reader was later interviewed by the artist about their recollections of the novel and their subsequent trains of thought. For Louise, it is a story that fascinates since, unusually,  the mystery of the disappearances is never solved. She was interested in the idea of creating an ad hoc reading group who might individually arrive at differing theories and thoughts about this particular aspect. In the course of conducting the interviews, she was intrigued to discover how the process of reading the novel also sparked off a range of personal memories amongst the readers.

Missing Scenes – An Evening at Hanging Rock will consist of Weir’s original 1975 feature film interrupted with video and sound interventions including extracts from the reading group interviews. It will be presented as a one off performance at Exeter Phoenix cinema on 5 July, 2012.


Video trailer for Missing Scenes – An Evening at Hanging Rock