Some ideas for a new art institution, 6 August -13 September

Artist Rosalie Schweiker will work with Spacex to imagine a future art institution. Users of Spacex, from artists and community groups to the wider public, will also be invited to share their aspirations and ideas for this new organisation.

During the project the artist will live at Spacex, bringing to life her manifesto Some ideas for a new art institution. This will include re-thinking the way the building is used. In line with her manifesto ‘form follows budget’ so spaces that previously operated as galleries will become living quarters, shared workspaces and places for debate.

Schweiker will use this opportunity to create a series of public events that explore the ideologies that underpin many arts institutions. Her manifesto states: ‘The new institution is a new pattern of behaviour’ and she will work with participants to consider how to develop art organisations with relevant and effective models that make them useful in civic society.

Rosalie Schweiker says: ‘I position my practice in everyday life, trying to find new functions for art in society.  My work is living proof that an artist can do more than just hang exhibitions. Why shouldn’t they consult on libraries, build cable cars, enable friendships, read tarot cards and do the washing up?’