escort Paris Spacex – The Recipe Exchange; Winter 2010–Spring 2011

The Recipe Exchange
Winter 2010–Spring 2011

The Recipe Exchange was initiated by artist and researcher Helen Pritchard, who collaborated with residents in East Devon to co-host a series of skill sharing events and establish an online archive of practical know-how. Helen worked with a number of local experts and hobbiests in Farringdon and Woodbury Salterton to produce ‘recipes’ for local skills. The project adopted the principles of open source technology as a model for collaboration, namely: sharing information, resources and tools, de-centralising authorship and applying communal effort. The events, held in and around Farringdon village hall and at Woodbury Salterton primary school, created a sociable space for the exchange of information, ideas and practical advice on all sorts of subjects including technical drawing, dog grooming and making your own solar panels.