When artist Rosalie Schweiker proposed having a big meal to launch her project at Spacex, Some ideas for a new art institution we really liked the idea. We issued an open invitation and, on the day of the meal, Rosalie set up a makeshift kitchen in the gallery using the two ring electric hob from the staff kitchen. Rosalie and Spacex staff spent the afternoon cooking and chatting in the gallery and that evening we welcomed 30 guests to Spacex  for a sociable meal.

After the first course a few guests asked if Rosalie Schweiker was going to make a speech or explain her manifesto, which was displayed prominently above the self-serving area. She didn’t do this. Instead she toured the tables having conversations in-between making and serving waffles and ice cream. Without prompting people began discussions about what their own manifesto for a new arts institution might be. People wrote ideas on the paper tablecloths or in the ideas book.

Schweiker uses hospitality in her work often. Examples include The Pizza, a monthly pizza dinner in honour of an artist whose work she likes (with Hannah Clayden, Jo Waterhouse and Mario D’Agostino, since 2013) or Sleep with a Curator, in which she organises a sleepover in a galleryIn bringing people together in this way she fosters critical engagement and sparks off encounters between people. Look out for Rosalie’s next events, which will be equally sociable…she is planning a film night, a pub-crawl, and a family friendly meal. We hope to see you there!


IMG_8100 IMG_8094


12 August 2015


Photo Exeter Area Art Educators workshop with Jenifer Collier

Although our doors have been closed for a while Spacex has remained active. The past few months have seen a mixture of hires and events from discussion forums for artists to workshops for teachers. The gallery spaces have become project spaces for Spacex, other organisations and artists such as Fabian’s Film and artists Anna Casey, Kelly Marie Miller and Simon Lex. Exeter College has also used the gallery as a studio space for their FD Photography students. This has allowed us to stay in touch with groups that we regularly work with, make new connections as well as exploring different ways to use our space.


Photo Matt Roberts Arts, Open Forum; How do galleries support artists?

29 July 2015


A huge thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter campaign! We have reached our target of £10,000 and will now move forward with the open call for the first residency, which we will be publicising on 26 June. We could not have run this residency programme without the funding you have provided. We look forward to inviting you to our public events over the coming months.

We would like to give special thanks to all of the artists who have so generously donated their work, time and energy into making this Kickstarter possible.

Sincere thanks again from everyone at Spacex.

23 June 2015

Our thanks go out to those who have continued to share, tweet and get others involved in our Kickstarter campaign. We have just added four new artworks and a publication to the rewards list, see the campaign page for details:
If we hit our target, the money raised will cover the cost of two artists residencies and a series of associated events in 2015–2016, bringing artists, writers and many others to Exeter.

However, the success of this campaign is about more than this one individual project – it will also send an important, positive signal to funders that there is public support for our work. 

Please ask friends, family and anyone who values the arts to join in and support the future of Spacex.

With thanks,
The Spacex team

16 June 2015

DSC_3737This project launches the new Spacex programme for 2015. It is the first in a series of artist led events that will contribute to the cultural offer in the new East Devon town of Cranbrook.
Last week children from St Martin’s Primary School in Cranbrook worked with Exeter based artist Spike Myers to produce artworks in response to the idea of making spaces for kindness.
St Martin’s school is a key institution within Cranbrook and Spacex aims to use this initial project as a starting point for collaborating with the community. We are keen to ensure that artists can be part of the process of planning for cultural spaces in Cranbrook.
Spacex will be working in partnership with East Devon District Council to provide opportunities for Cranbrook residents to spend time with photographers and filmakers recording some of the spaces and places in the developing town and to share ideas about the possibilities these spaces might provide.

DSC_4348Photos Jessica Lennan

9 June 2015

We are grateful for the support and encouragement of so many people, a huge thank you for all of your pledges so far.

We need to reach that £10,000 target in just 30 days so please continue to share and tell your friends about the great rewards that are up for grabs!

The two artists residencies we hope to fund will make good use of the unique Spacex building. 45 Preston Street is a beautifully converted 19th century warehouse with a number of versatile spaces that have been used for exhibitions, performances, discussions and studio space over the years. Hosting residencies here will mean we can continue to enable the development of new work and fuel the appetite for access to new contemporary art practice in Exeter and the South West.

An open call for the first residency will be announced once we have secured the Kickstarter funding. Remember if you have any questions about this project or want to see what we are up to, you can email us any time.

28 May 2015

PosterSelection700Next Thursday 21 May we will be launching our Kickstarter – an online fundraising campaign – to raise £10,000 towards two artist residencies and a series of public events. Enabling the artistic process remains at the core of what Spacex does and we need support from the public in order to continue this work. To say thank you for all of your support, we are opening the gallery on Saturday 23 May from 12am-4pm. There will be afternoon tea and cake but most importantly an opportunity to talk to the staff about the future of Spacex.

The campaign encourages backers to pledge a donation and in doing so acquire art that has been produced as part of Spacex projects and by artists we have worked with in recent years. A variety of items from the Spacex archive are also available to choose from, as a thank you for donating.

If this Kickstarter campaign is successful it will cover the cost of two 6-week residencies and a series of public events including studio visits and an associated learning programme, all to take place in 2015-16.

The all-or-nothing funding system through Kickstarter means that if we don’t reach the full amount of 10,000 within the 30-day campaign period, we won’t receive any of the funding and this is when we will need your support to reach our target.

Keep up to date with the Kickstarter campaign via this blog and our social media over the next few weeks.

13 May 2015


Earlier this week Spacex hosted the first meeting of the Exeter Area Art Educators group. This informal group will meet regularly to share ideas, make new partnerships and help shape the future of art education in our locality. It was great to see representatives from such a wide range of provision from primary through to higher education and to hear ambitions for the group that included school to school skill swaps and academic research.

Spacex is keen to promote the crucial role that arts organisations play in supporting both teachers and students, encouraging creativity, helping young people to formulate their own responses and questions through truly diverse experiences and opportunities.

For further information about the group, please contact: and join us on facebook


5 March 2015


Spacex recently hosted an event to raise awareness of it’s cultural offer to Exeter and share news about the organisation’s future programming and funding plans.

We were able to share our success in securing funding from Arts Council England that will help support our new programme, however we still have to raise a significant amount of money to secure the future of Spacex. We are currently looking at new funding initiatives such as crowdfunding, Our first Kickstarter campaign will be launching in spring (more information on this to follow).

Over the next few months we aim to host more events and invite many more of our partners and regular visitors to share our future plans.

27 February 2015



Tutors and Foundation Degree photography students from Exeter College made use of Spacex’s empty gallery spaces last week. We are currently working with education partners to look at new ways of using the gallery. For this particular project the gallery setting  provided a fresh backdrop for an editing process that encouraged students to look at the construction of their book-works as a spatial exercise. The session was led by artist and photography lecturer, Jessica Lennan.

4 February 2015