Spacex is currently working in partnership with schools to explore ways of embedding Arts Award within their arts provision. This week we were pleased to present pupils from Ladysmith Junior School with their Arts Award Explore certificates, and are looking forward to presenting the rest of the school’s year 5 (90 pupils) with their Awards in the next few months.

23 January 2015


Spacex has an amazing archive of publicity material accumulated during 40 years of hosting exhibitions and events.

This archive includes posters and the Spacex team has been getting them ready to create a display in the gallery so that we can celebrate the organisation’s achievements and think about the future Spacex.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of these posters so watch out for them on Facebook and Twitter also please share your stories of Spacex we’d love to read them.


19 January 2015


First and foremost, we would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support – the steady stream of messages and comments via our website continues to highlight the many ways Spacex is important to Exeter and the South West. These comments have bolstered our case for funding support, so please keep them coming.

Spacex’s future – an update and how you can help
Since our last communication in September we have been involved in intensive discussions to determine the future direction of the organisation. We are currently working towards a 2015 programme that will hopefully see Spacex move into a new phase of its history. Plans for Spacex so far include using the building as a project space, a gallery, a studio space for residencies, a social setting and a learning space.

The long-term future of Spacex relies on partnerships and we are in on-going discussions with partners – new and old – about how we can work together. We remain committed to working collaboratively to support artistic production and to this end we will be hosting a series of events in the spring to help us engage in dialogue about the future of the organisation.

However, it is important to highlight that plans for the programme are dependent on our efforts to fundraise. 
Keep an eye out for our upcoming crowd-funding campaign due to launch in February. This initiative will allow an exclusive chance for you to acquire limited edition artworks by artists who have previously exhibited at Spacex. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of artists who have donated artworks for this, so a massive thank you to those that have been able to support us in this way.

How you can help…
We need to maintain the positive momentum of support, please share this page with other interested parties – and remember to look out for your chance to support us via the upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

If you’re active on Twitter please look out for our tweets via @spacexgallery – we have launched a #SupportSpacex campaign and any support you are able to give to help communicate this message would be greatly appreciated.

If you are not already following us on Facebook, please like our page to keep up to speed with all our latest news and share our posts to spread the word.

We will be sending out further correspondence, but in the meantime we would all like to wish you a very happy New Year from all of the team at Spacex.


15 January 2015

Unsaved Preview Document 2

This session began differently to previous sessions; instead of making a ‘claymate’, Mandy Biscoe showed the students what all their hard work had been made in to.  The slabs of clay containing words and textures made in previous sessions have been turned into ceramic beads that fit onto a wooden pole, with the finished product looking, as one student described it, like a totem pole.  All the students loved seeing the outcome of their work, and were especially excited when Mandy told them the ‘totem pole’ was interactive, and they could change the order of the beads.

The next part of the session involved the students rolling herbs into clay to create scented beads for the ‘totem pole’.  While they worked, they considered how the different smells and textures of the herbs made them feel.  One student described how the plant ‘lambs ear’ reminded him of stroking a rabbit, and so it made him feel calm and happy, and gave him a sense of belonging.  The rest of the group then thought about the places that gave them a sense of belonging and made them feel happy.

Rhi Willimont , Student Project Assistant, University of Exeter

The filmed documentation of these sessions by Jimmy Ginn and Pat Cullum records how the students have used words and materials to examine conflict as they experience it. As a resolution to the project the last few sessions have encouraged students to think about strategies for dealing with conflict. To view the outcome of this process you can see the finished film at Spacex on 29 October 1-4pm.


10 October 2014


As part of a project leading up to the exetreme imagination Festival 2014, Students from Ellen Tinkham School are exploring the festival theme of ‘conflict’ through a series of workshops at Spacex and at school. In these workshops students talk, write and use materials and techniques that investigate the idea of conflict in it’s broadest sense.

The project is being documented and the resulting film will be shown during the festival week at Spacex on 29 October between 1–4pm. During the project students from the University of Exeter will be creating posts for the festival and Spacex website.

“Last week students worked with Mandy Biscoe, an Exeter based ceramicist, and were experimenting with clay .The project title Claymates was the inspiration for starting to make clay faces. In this session the faces were happy reflecting the words generated earlier, but as the weeks go on the faces will display a range of different emotions decided by the students themselves. String pressed into clay slabs spelt out words which they came up with that reminded them of conflict. They then had great fun using different coloured slips to decorate the slabs!  The students also played around with conflicting textures by pushing different types of seeds into a clay slab.  When the slab is fired, the seeds will burn away and leave textures and patterns, creating a tactile, interactive piece of artwork. Stay tuned for weekly updates on this exciting project!”

Rhi Willimont , Student Project Assistant, University of Exeter

29 September 2014

This week has been the beginning of Studio Café Afternoons  at Spacex. We have invited people of all ages to come along and have a go at painting their perfect shades of blue onto transparent materials, make bunting and light boxes, and enjoy hot drinks and home made cakes.

So far, it has been great to see everybody having a go at painting in the atrium! Painting onto the transparent materials has been especially fun as it means interacting with someone else’s painting on the other side! Both children and adults have enjoyed creating their unique shades of blue, and watching the brightly lit atrium shine through the finished pieces, creating a beautiful scene!


studio cafe 1



14 August 2014

Spacex received unfortunate news that it has been unsuccessful in securing a 3 year grant from Arts Council England to continue as a National Portfolio Organisation. Spacex is currently in discussions with Arts Council England about the impact of this withdrawal of funding. However, we remain committed to producing a diverse programme over the coming months and look forward to seeing you in the gallery. 

15 July 2014

Having partnered (very successfully!) with Arrietty on some of our Crafty Socials we extended this partnership in February to provide some children’s workshops.

Running over two days, in two 1/2 day sessions organised by age; the young people spent day one creating a cloth character in the inspiringly busy space of the Arrietty shop and then on day two they came to Spacex, to bring their characters to life through animation. The  characters and their stories where fabulously individual – 

have a look at the morning films here: 
and the afternoon ones here:


22 March 2014

Rose, Mia, Thea and Nicholas joined us for an activity packed Art Club today.



We had fun painting on ice with salt and watercolour paints, found out  what happens to black marker pen drawings when they get wet (colours  appear!) tinkered with bicarb and vinegar to create some messy explosions then, finally watched as Billy the draw-bot did a drawing for us.



Join us next week and help build a tall tower structure .

25 January 2014

Art Club leader Jenny Mellings has been awarded The Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education. With over 20 years experience facilitating workshops at Spacex, always with an innovative approach, she is a well deserving winner. Thanks to her efforts, artworks produced by children and young people have won awards and been on display to large audiences at Exeter Central Station, Exeter Picturehouse and as part of international animation festivals. Hannah Reeves, learning programmer at Spacex commented ‘many children and young people Jenny has worked with stay involved with the gallery through volunteering or attending openings and events’ adding ‘many have also gone on to study art and other creative subjects in higher education, and have been supported by Jenny in their journey.’

Find out more about The Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education

13 November 2013