OPEN CALL: Do you make things?

We are looking for affordable multiples and editions of artwork, craft objects and more by artists and makers who are interested in developing the way they sell work in new and interesting ways.
We will be building a temporary pavilion at Exeter Quay and stocking it with work for sale by artists and makers from the area. Alongside this, we would like to work with the artists and makers to devise a series of events and workshops that expand the boundaries of what an affordable multiple can be.

When and where will the project be held?
The pavilion will be located on the Exeter Quay. It will open on Saturday 13 May and will be open every day until 10 June. Opening times will vary throughout this period, as there will be a wide range of activities and events taking place – there will be a standard daily opening and closing time but on a number of days the space will be open earlier and later than this. We will issue a full programme of events and opening times before the launch of the project.

What kind of work can I submit?
Almost anything. The pavilion will be open to everyone of all ages, so the work should be suitable for this situation. We are aiming to develop a project that goes beyond a pop-up shop of artists and makers’ multiples. We’d like to discuss how we could experiment with the notion of what a multiple is and how it is sold in new and interesting ways. We’re asking for proposals that could include (but are not limited to) live elements, workshops, performances, demonstrations and experiences.

So, I have to make a multiple and do a workshop?
Not exactly. We’d like visitors to get an enhanced experience of you and your work in a way that makes them interested in buying your multiple and finding out more about your work. One way of doing this is through live events but we’re open to other suggestions.

If I suggest a live event, do I have to run it all day?
No, we’ll discuss a suitable duration and time with you. We may suggest grouping people with similar work into themed events and we are also open to proposals from already existing or informal groups. We appreciate that not everyone has time or inclination to be involved in live events, but we’re keen to discuss how to add an interesting experience to the sale of your work. See below for some projects that illustrate these ideas.

What is a multiple?
For our purposes there should be at least 2 of the thing you have made. We are looking for work that is reproducible by you, not a one-off original. The maximum number is at your discretion but please bear in mind we will not have huge amounts of storage space so will only be able to store up to 10 of each multiple at a time.

Is all work for sale? Is there a maximum price? Do you take a cut?
The multiple must be for sale. We ask that the most you charge per edition is £50, and that the minimum price is 1 pence. All money from sales will be given directly to you – we will not take any cut or percentage from sale prices.

How many different multiples can I submit?
Three. We’re happy to discuss exceptions to this, but you’d better have a good reason! 

How do I give you the work?
You must be able to deliver your multiple to the pavilion in Exeter. We will agree a convenient time and date with you to do this. We also ask that you collect any unsold editions at the end of the project – we will agree a convenient time with you to do this.

I live somewhere else, not in Exeter or the surrounding area. Can I take part?
We are focusing on the Exeter area, but you are welcome to take part if you can deliver your work at the start of the project and collect it at the end. It would be good to consider how you can develop the way your multiple is sold, as mentioned in the What kind of work can I submit? Section. We’re happy to discuss any ideas you might have.

Can you pay for the production of my multiple?
No, we cannot offer financial support towards the production of multiples. We will install works to your requirements and provide staffing, invigilation, publicity and refreshments for the opening and closing of the project. (N.B. we cannot provide audio/visual equipment).

Will my multiple be on sale throughout the whole project?
Due to the high volume of interest in the project we cannot guarantee that works will be on display for the entire duration of the project. If this is the case we will agree display dates with you in advance and ensure that works are displayed during these times. All works can still be for sale on request throughout the exhibition period though.

How can I make a proposal?
We are keen to develop your ideas for the project with you. Don’t worry about having all details fixed at this stage. We will discuss your idea with you in more detail and agree details as needed.

Submit the following initial information to us by 5pm on 10 April 2017. Please feel free to submit your proposal sooner than this though – we can begin discussing ideas/details immediately.

Please include:
– Name
– Email Address
– Telephone number (optional)
– Website (optional)
– A brief outline of your proposed multiple (no more than 200 words). We do not require titles, final dimensions etc at this stage, just an indication of what you would like to contribute (e..g. a zine, a performance, a print, an event, a combination of things etc).
– (Optional) Up to 5 images/videos/audio tracks/links to support your proposal. For video and audio please only send online links at this stage. For images please send either jpeg files (max. size 1mb per file) or a download/online link.

Please email the above information to us at juneau.projects@gmail.com by 5pm on 10 April.