Open Call: Three Micro Commissions for Cranbrook. Deadline 31 May 2017

Three Micro-Commissions (Spacex & Take A Part CIC) for Cranbrook (East Devon). Deadline for applications Wednesday 31 May 2017

Spacex and Take A Part CIC alongside the developing Cranbrook Arts Action Group are commissioning 3 micro-commissions to create opportunities in the community, to deepen engagement and to test how arts can be embedded in the future development of Cranbrook.  The community are keen to grow together as a group, to connect with one another more, to explore shared heritage and experiences and to create a shared identity for Cranbrook.

We are seeking artistic responses to three themes, which have been identified from initial consultation with the community:



  • Food and Connectedness  


Within Cranbrook, there is an Incredible Edible scheme, growing free food and meeting for monthly pot-lucks. We would like to explore how people source, eat and meet around food with this commission. The artist will work with the Incredible Edible group on this commission with possible input and support from Cranbrook Country Park Ranger.


  • Future Histories / Hidden Histories of Cranbrook


While a new community, Cranbrook has a deep history, the oldest loom weights in the UK were excavated here. The community have a desire to develop a history that can be shared around Cranbrook (perhaps in the form of a map or walk) and the artist involved in this work will have the opportunity to collaborate with staff from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM).


  • Young People and Families


Cranbrook has many young families who are new to the area. There is a lack of facilities currently as the town is still in development and we would like to explore with the community ideas around play as well as ideas around how we connect as a community. There is scope within this commission to collaborate with youth services and groups.