escort Paris Spacex – Marine Hugonnier: Ariana; 24 May–12 July 2003

Marine Hugonnier: Ariana
24 May–12 July 2003

Ariana, a new filmwork by Marine Hugonnier, investigates the relationship between landscape and history.

In August and September 2002, Marine Hugonnier travelled to Afghanistan to research and film Ariana. Ariana details a journey to the capital Kabul and to the Pandjshêr Valley, located in the north east of the country. Afghanistan had experienced 23 years of war, with the invasion and collapse of Soviet communism in the 1980s and more recently the fundamentalism of the Taliban. The country now faces a new political ideology in the emerging democracy. Kabul bears testimony to the presence of all three political systems, seen in the traces of war inscribed in the demolished buildings and broken infrastructure, and in the current slow reconstruction of the city.

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The Pandjshêr Valley however, pictured in the second part of the film, remains a symbol of independence and resistance as it was invaded by neither communism nor fundamentalism and even today remains a state within a state.

The Spacex presentation of Ariana brings together, for the first time, both elements of the project; the photographs first shown at MW projects and the film shown at Chisenhale Gallery in April – May 2003.