Phil Root
Phantom Limb
26 July–13 September 2014

In this installation, Phil Root references history and memory, producing artworks through a process of intuitive layering and erasure of both physical and historical attributes.

Upon entering the galleries, the viewer is confronted with a number of large plywood boards that act as display structures on which the artist composes arrangements of images, drawings, and objects. Defaced coins, foggy landscapes, and other inclusions of absence and obscurity are layered and tied on with sail rope, offering an allusion to sea crossing and trade, and also to the use and exchange values of art itself.


Phil Root ‘Phantom Limb’ Interview from Spacex on Vimeo.


The installation is hinged around a film which incorporates imagery from the gallery space, revealing the subtleties and intricacies of Root’s artistic process. Within the film Root draws upon the ephemeral nature of currency, focussing on coins he explores the paradox between the visceral corruptibility of the coin and the virtual existence of the monetary system. Here, unbeknown to the viewer, they have the opportunity to locate works that are partially hidden from view.