Reverse Global Warming
Global Feed
17 July –
11 September 2004

Peter Fend is an artist, architect and environmental activist. In 1980 he founded the New York based Ocean Earth Development Corporation. At Spacex, during the BA Festival of Science in Exeter, Fend presents Global Feed, an environmental imaging service revealing the effects of man-made pollution on the environment.

Fend takes an alternative view of the globe starting from the South Pole: the centre of the Southern ocean, where the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans extend out from. If we think about geographical information according to ocean basins, rather than land masses or hemispheres, then we can really start to influence climate change.

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As the newspaper reports have been repeating, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism. Peter Fend’s response is clear and unequivocal. “The question is no longer how to predict global warming but rather how to reverse global warming.”

Working in collaboration with marine scientist, Dr Samantha Lavender from the University of Plymouth, the Fend projection centres around Antarctica and the world ocean system. Data projections in the gallery show six years of ocean temperature change, contrasted with the movement of sediment on the sea surface. At issue is what changes in these patterns result from human actions.

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