Ring of Bells
Marcus Vergette/Jonnie Williams
29 June –
3 July 2004

The premiere of a new video work, exploring the social and historical significance of bells, through sound. At the end of the Foot & Mouth epidemic in 2001, on the first day that movement restrictions were lifted in the parish of Highampton, Devon, the church bells rang a peal all day, for the first time in six months. Artist and farmer, Marcus Vergette, based close by, was ‘Case 66’ in the Foot & Mouth crisis. This is his third work made in response to FMD and its aftermath.

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Marcus Vergette says: “The sound of a bell is a complex sound, not only in trying to determine the perceived pitch of the bell, but also in determining what we perceive the bell to be ‘saying’. This video looks at different ringers and their relationship to their tower, and follows the casting of a bell and ringing a full peal on Hosanna in Buckfast Abbey.”

Commissioned by Aune Head Arts as part of the Dartmoor Changes project.

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Listening Walk
19 June 2004
Andy Stevens, bell-ringer and bird song specialist, leads a walk on Dartmoor and talk about the tradition of bell-ringing in Devon. Anyone over the age of 12 can have a try at ringing. Organised by Aune Head Arts.