escort Paris Spacex – Shizuka Yokomizo: Distance; 6 December 2003–31 January 2004

Shizuka Yokomizo: Distance
6 December 2003–31 January 2004

The focus of Yokomizo’s photography and video-work is the gap between self and other.

In the Stranger series, each photograph shows someone looking out through a window. The artist has never met any of these people. She selected their addresses and then wrote a letter asking if they would stand at a particular window, alone, with the room lights on, at a specific time of night so that she could photograph them from the street. The artist simply promised to be there waiting, at a particular time. The encounter would last for ten minutes, with eye-to-eye contact, but then nothing else was to be exchanged.

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Shizuka Yokomizo was born in Tokyo and lives and works in London. Other works in the exhibition include Untitled (Hitorigoto), an untranslatable Japanese word that describes the experience of inner thought and dialogue.

Forever (and Again) is a two-screen video projection, juxtaposing four elderly women playing the same Chopin Waltz on their pianos, with scenes of their homes and gardens. Yokomizo has said of this work, “the music is a concrete marking of time, it gives tangible form to that which is constantly moving through us, just as old age is an accumulation of traces of time on our body”.

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