Summer Screen
22 August–5 September 2009

Following the success of this programme Spacex will present an international artists film programme and host a series of related events.

This year the main programme will include a series of short films from the EAST video programme with works by:

Patricia Esquivias – Sped up Dawn
Andrea Buettner – Little Works
Angela Bartram – Licking Dogs
Olaf Brzeski – In memory of Major Jozef Moneta
Laure Prouvost – OWT
Gernot Wieland – Eine Reise nach Wales (A Trip to Wales)
Ursula Mayer – Interiors
Grace Schwindt – The Chair
Elizabeth McAlpine – LIGHT READING Cinematic Explosions
Kate Corder – Tolhurst vegan organic vegetables
David Jacques – Por Convencion Ferrer

Open Film Screening Night
Thursday 3 September, 7pm, free, booking essential.
A call to all south west artist filmmakers! Spacex is holding an open film screening night offering the opportunity to present your film alongside other artist- filmmakers at Spacex to a public audience. If you would like to have your short film screened at Spacex as part of this event please submit a copy of the film to a member of gallery staff or send in by post by Friday 21 August. Film excerpts should be no longer than 10 minutes. For more details please contact the gallery on 01392 431 786 or email mail@spacex.org.uk. The evening will provide an opportunity for discussion and networking, refreshments available. This event is open to all but booking is essential.