Tim Ellis — The Tourist
12 March–30 April 2011

This spring Spacex will present The Tourist, the first UK solo show by London based artist Tim Ellis. The exhibition will include a series of new paintings and sculptures that respond to each main space within the gallery.

The exhibition was conceived as a journeyman’s view over three gallery spaces. The first room features a figure as a prompt or signifier for the show leading into an installation housing a variety of shelving structures, screens and tables to juxtapose symbolic objects and artefacts.

The final space will contain monuments displayed next to large draped banners. These draw inspiration from graphic tourist posters from the 1930’s, and will act as landscapes for sculptures to sit in. This space will be seen as a construct of the second manifesting itself in a mixture of totemic assemblages.

Ellis continually explores the idea that every object, whether in isolation or as a collection is dependent on a creator, mediator and audience, and as a consequence inherits their aspirations, values and intentions.

The Tourist seeks to explore the way cultural objects and symbols can be consumed. The title refers to a way of positioning the viewer when navigating the work. This position being one of a tourist, exploring a wide variety of opposing objects and ideas in such a way that removes their original intention or what they commonly represent. This shift in value offers the opportunity to question their purpose and meaning within a new or altered context.

With perceptions of cultural sentiment and social significance addressed, the viewer will be invited to engage with notions of symbolism, artefact and artifice.

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13 April 2011, 1.00pm
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True Stories & Believable Lies
14 April 2011, 11.00am
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Review Group
31 March 2011, 6.00pm
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A chance to exchange responses to the exhibition over a drink. Prior to the event, participants will have access to a selected text for advance reading, early booking advised.

Crafty Social
27 April 2011, 7.00am
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Gallery Breakfast
15 April 2011, 8.00am
8–10am, free

Join us at the gallery breakfast for a selection of freshly baked handmade breads, preserves, pastries, cereal and fresh fruit. Staff will be on hand to guide visitors through the exhibition with the option to take part in activities throughout the morning.