escort Paris Spacex – We Construct; 27 February-20 March 2016

We Construct
27 February-20 March 2016

The Forum Mezzanine, University of Exeter, EX4 4SZ
directions (number 3 on the map)

An exhibition documenting an art education partnership based in Exeter between Spacex, Ladysmith Junior School, a larger than average school for children aged 7-11; and the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Primary Art Specialism at the Graduate School of Education (within the College of Social Sciences and International Studies).

This exhibition showcases some of the highlights from the story of our work together, united in the common goal of engaging children – along with teachers and parents – with the work of contemporary artists in order to widen their horizons and inspire their own art making and creativity.

Projects over the past five years have been stimulated by diverse art works and provocations: 2011 (artist: Salvatore Arancio), 2012 (artist: John Court), 2013 (artists: Lisa Watts and Lucy May), 2014 (artist: Scott King), and most recently 2015 (artist and independent curator: Trevor Pitt).

A successful approach begins with visits to the gallery, followed by workshops in the school.  The PGCE students collaborate to plan and teach the workshops, integrating ideas from the exhibition – and the gallery-based activities – with various art skills.

The exhibition integrates reflections and documentation from this unique  partnership to date. As funding and curriculum changes impact on the future of the project we invite viewers to take a closer look at what happens when you bring artists, children and teachers together.