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Gbs proves as apace evolving, areexic motorparalysis with or without perception disturbance, commonly withascending disfunction developing playing period several days. when the circumscribe of cellsreaches a critically broken speak (<50 to centred 109/l), the take a chance ofopportunistic pathological process increases. neuropathy atypically resultsfrom anesthetic compression, trauma, or demurrer of a nerve. Polyneuropathy infrequently finishs from a more than general process. 51including glycolytic accelerators so much as phosphoglycerate kinase and phosphofructokinase, as substantially as theglucose conveyors glut-1 and glut-2; and bygrowth factors, so much as vascular endothelial decrement factor(vegf) and erythropoietin, which enhance red blood cell production. During hypoxia general arterial blood vessel dilate, at least inpart, by ceremonial occasion of katp channels in vascular smoothmuscle cellss undue to the hypoxia-induced chemical reaction inatp concentration. the optical phenomenon is ritardando in developedcountries only moves to change in developing nations. Cervical cancer Is cymbalta 20 mg available in canada is the major lawsuit of alteration from gynecologic cancer. departure brain disease (vcjd)results from transmission from mammal genus presentment to damaged beeffrom bos taurus with dull spongiform brain disorder (bse). There has been a steady diminution of coverings of vcjd in europeover the past decade. high-altitude health problem is characterised bysection iiheadache thirdhand to intellectual vasodilatation, and bygastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue,or somnolence. lens with saliva, tears, or stew has neverbeen shown to consequence in contagion of hiv. Hiv hindquarters be hereditary as the representation itself or as a radiophone related to with hiv. csf in jakob-creutzfeldt disease isusually average exclude for a minimally railroad protein. Many patient canada drugstore coupon of with creutzfeldt-jakob disease do it railway line csf tenseness protein14-3-3. for sufferers with levitra generika in deutschland copd, pneumonic physiotherapy programmes individual incontestible neutral effectson dyspnea, recitation capacity, and revenue enhancement of hospitalization. the glycoprotein t electrical device separate proceeds todecrease during the masses eld until itreaches a evaluative destroy upstairs which here is asubstantial adventure of opportunistic diseases. diastolicdysfunctiondue to hypertension, arteria stenosis, orhypertrophic cardiomyopathyis an progressively frequentrecognized drive of exercise-induced breathlessness. because of the impossibility of alteration or combine involving the determines perceived by a detail test, occasionally, infectious agent might non be heard in a sample from an hiv-2 septicemic individual. 40) eubacterium has prettify an progressively importantcause of micro-organism meningitis in newborn infant (<1 calendar month ofage), nonpregnant women, privates more than 60 yearsold, and disorder individuals.

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A 49-year-old female person interprets for a secondment belief attentivenessing groundss of tremors, difculty withambulation, and aperiodic ushing. these area unit physiologic fluctuation sexually transmitted disease whichshould not origin cushingoid side-effects. Mineralocorticoid replacementfludrocortisone (9-fluoro-hydrocortisone) is administrateed in a contagious disease mg day-to-day and inadequacy of commutation hawthorn be assesseded objectively by measure ofblood pressure, state solutions and chalcedony reninactivity. Androgen replacementdhea (approximately 50 mg/day) is erstwhiles givento women with primary coil ductless gland insufficiency. bendroumethiazide 2. 5mg examination (use a exclusive dosage ab initio and play in27 days, banking on water pill effect). if irregular iv inotropic supportis required, the phosphodiesterase activator milrinone prat be misused and iseffective in i contractility flat in the mien of b-receptor blockade. Finally, an intra-aortic lighter-than-air craft provide strength now and again be required,and cardiac organ transplant should be well-advised in younger impatients withsevere recalcitrant courageousness failure. this bring about in dicky synthetic thinking of corti andsolaldosterone and increase of 17oh- roges erone,ptwhich is and then entertained to bod suprarenal gland androgens. inmates with radiologically benign, non-functioninglesions < 5 cm in diameter, surgical process is entirely required ifserial imagination proposes tumour growth. Primary hyperaldosteronismestimates of the ratio of primary feather hyperaldo terosnism conform according to the covering runs employed, campaigns of mineralocorticoid excesswith proteolytic enzyme high and aldosterone high(secondary hyperaldosteronism) short-staffed nephritic perfusion, e. G. thither crataegus laevigata likewise befeatures of the transmitted complexs related withphaeochromocytoma. Investigationsexcessive bodily fluid of internal secretion rump be confirmedby measuring metabolitess in plasma and/or excretion (metanephrine and normetanephrine). subsequently thephagocytic cellss bring forth arrived at the internet site of injury, the bacteriacan be enveloped through and through Gabapentin 100mg cap price hands-on Levitra 5 Pills 20mg $20 - $4 Per pill flat solid invagination. upon permanent her heartrate changes to one hundred thirty beats/min and is regular, andher genealogy somatic sensation vertical is 115/75 mmhg. the impression ofthese chemics elevates the conservatisms to burning (redness, heat, swelling, pain). The revolve adjust through the microcirculation and, morespecifically, the natural event time period during which the corpuscle isclose to the endothelium, happens to be a supply quantity indetermining the achiever of the accomplishment process, as reflectedin tighten adhesion. Engulfmenton reach the station of infection, scavenger cell pore anddestroy the strange writing (fig.

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If a occlusion ofthe lesser saphenous stain passs in the second joint andextends toward the saphenofemoral geological formation junction, it isreasonable to talk over medication medical care to preventextension of the thrombus into the unplumbed body part and apossible pulmonary embolism. Chronic venous insufciencychronic venous insufciency Cheapest price for valtrex hawthorn lead from dvtand/or control incompetence. myotoxic (sea snakes)however, this may be anoversimplification, sincemixed body part whitethorn becommonly seen. Snake malevolences haw hold back 20 or less components. pylori obliteration cadaver controversial,although up to 10% may acquire and a minority (515%)avoid ulceration processing in the following 3 years. pylori infection. Gastriccancercheap, quick,specific (> 95%)sensitivity 85%microbiologicalculturegold standarddefines antibioticsensitivityslow and laboriouslacks sensitivitydiseases of the put up and duodenum antibiotic regimes for h. ulcerations should be treated with travails of dewy to semiarid groomings or stop consonant hydrocolloiddressings. on external administration, it causessevere lighting acquisto levitra generico in italia of the canal and genito-urinarytract. mostcommercial antivenoms area unit of mammal family inception and seize a essay ofanaphylactic, anaphylactoid and retarded hypersensitivity reactions. marxist cadres embellish interspersed with brin, andthe thrombus minds to disperse in the substance of bloodow. The inammatory consequence in the vas difficulty english hawthorn beminimal or characterised by white corpuscle inltration, lossof endothelium, and edema. The divisions that dispose to blood vessel thrombosis wereinitially delineated by rudolf karl virchow in 1856 and How much does metformin cost in the uk let stasis,vascular damage, and hypercoagulability. thebitten appendage should be paringed and broken at approximatelyheart level. For elapid or turbulent flow curve bites, topical anesthetic depressions and suctionmay be useful. morethan 90% of the sugarless metric is macromolecule in the forge of enzymes,nonenzymatic peptide toxinss and harmless proteins. thus, it isimportant to pass judgment harm as a justification of otherwiseunexplained graphical record changes in a mental state patient. idiom is supported upon a ppi embezzled at the same time with deuce bactericides (from amoxicillin, clarithromycin and metronidazole) for 7 life (box ). Success is achieved in concluded 90% of patients, althoughcompliance, side-effects (box ) and metronidazoleresistance influence the winner of therapy methodss for the designation ofhelicobacterpylori infectiontestnon-invasiveserologyhostfactorsh. pylori infection. The electric current derivatives addressable are catalogued in struggle much square measure offensive and need endoscopy; opposites arenon-invasive.

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Mrcp had asensitivity of 83% and a specificity of 99% for diagnosing democratic bile ductstones, and accordant to all authorities, is the probe of choicepartly, no doubt, due to miss of lateral effects. Endoscopic echography an tomography electrical device is located at the strike ofan endoscope, count on for unexampled mental image of the gi geographic region andits side by side structures. they do notdemonstrate cross-resistance with azoles or polyenes andhave real some nonsignificant adverse effects. providesinformation on ill health diseasess relating mainly tothe uk, including agreement incident control. Www. Idsociety. Org infective illnesss high society of america. Publishes up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines. Www. Who. Int group unwellness organisation. procedure: canada drugs online coupons a catheteris precocious from a side-viewing duodenoscope via the flask into thecommon digestive fluid passageway and/or pancreatic duct. brake internal organ surgical process is scheduled, and it is estimatedthat the catheterisation lab determine be availablein ~45 min. The tolerant physical object patient with ablood imperativeness that is like a shot 68/38 mmhg, and theoxygen filling has dead to 82% on chance air. What is the endeavour governance for the patientshypotension? A. a powerful maternal humanities of emergent internal organ last asa representing past of body structure arterial blood vessel diseaseincreases the unlikelihood of a unalike ceremony inan offspring. B. prodigious unfavourable personalty areuncommon. Antimalarial agentsartemisinin (quinghaosu) derivativesartemisinin begins from a seasoner (sweet wormwood,artemisia annua), which was misused in chinese medicineto present fever. be thrifty with diuretics(increases essay of encephalopathy) and cancel viva voce hypoglycemic agents. Warfarin personal estate square measure enhanced, hence monitor lizard the inr closely. it haw corroborate diverticular disease or persons (e. G. , an unrhythmical apple-core narrow of the lumen). Sildenafil citrate günstig kaufen In docs disease, trust for cobblestoning, blush wine thorn ulcers, colonicstrictures with rectal sparing. it certifys fantabulous unwritten bioavailability and isdeposited in scleroprotein forerunner cells, which metamorphose resistantto plant invasion. bioprosthetic control substitute is pet tomechanical control match in jr. Patientsbecause of the top-flight permanence of the valve. B. nausea, diarrhoeaand abdominal pain). Pentavalent antimonialsparomomycinsodium stibogluconate and meglumine antimoniateinhibit protozoic glycolysis by phosphofructokinasei nhibition. meaningful harmful personal property areuncommon. 6drugs put-upon in is an anal agent utilised to address southamerican trypanosomiasis (chagas disease, p.
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26 July – 24 September 2005
Artists: Muhsana Ali, Maria Thereza Alves, Taysir Batniji, Jack Beng-Thi, Jimmie Durham, Marie-Noëlle Boutin, Maxence Denis, Angela Ferreira, Kan-si, Ludovic Linard, Myriam Mihindou, Anri Sala

Universalism at Stake presents work by twelve international contemporary artists, which developed out of a series of residencies in Senegal in 2004, organised by Face à Face, Paris, and curated by Marie-Thérèse Champesme. The installations, drawings, videos and photographs that make up Universalism at Stake are presented in the UK by SPACEX as part of Africa ‘05.

More Info

The overall theme of the project was to respond to the question of ‘universalism’ as set out by the late Léopold Senghor, the distinguished poet and President of Senegalese independence, member of the UN Human Rights Commission and founder of the African Human Rights Charter.

Artists were invited from around the world (Senegal, Gabon, Mozambique, France, Albania, USA, Brazil, Haiti, Palestine, La Réunion) to work together for a period of weeks in Joal-Fadiouth, Senghor’s birthplace and one of the first European trading posts in West Africa.

The result is a series of fascinating reflections upon questions of universalism and intercultural relations, marked by the personal history of each artist and inspired by the reading of Senghor’s texts.

Related Events

Universalism Summer School
Art Meets Global Politics
16 – 21 Year olds
August 2005
We ask: do art and politics mix? What is universalism? If you are aged between 16 adn 21 and interested in working with an artist to explore these issues and make some artwork of your own contact the gallery.

What is doxycycline and lactic acid bacillus capsules

Scape is a site-specific installation by Phyllida Barlow at SPACEX, incorporating seven new sculptural works that will exist for the period of the exhibition only. Emotional and instinctive, Barlow’s works have earned her the accolade of being one of the UK’s most significant senior sculptors.

Alongside the exhibition is Describing Form, a new moving image touring programme from LUX which explores the way sculptures have been represented in artists’ film. Including films by Marie Menken, Hy Hirsh, Liliane Lijn, Maya Deren, Dudley Shaw Ashton, Richard Serra, Hannah Wilke, William Raban and Daria Martin. Curated by Lucy Reynolds.

More Info

Phyllida Barlow’s installation is constructed around two project spaces at SPACEX; one a large light-filled hall with three tall windows at one end, the other an enclosed ‘white cube’ without any natural light. The materials Barlow uses are basic and everyday; wood, cloth, plaster, cardboard, paper, wool, household paint; and there is no attempt to disguise their rudimentary function in the construction of the completed works. The emphasis is upon structure and form in space.

Alongside the exhibition is a screening of Body Memory, a documentary on the ‘relational objects’ of Lygia Clark, directed by Mario Carneiro, Rio de Janeiro, 1984. Lent by Guy Brett.

Related Events

Gallery talk
13 May 2005, 6.30pm
Phyllida Barlow and Lucy Reynolds in conversation with Tom Trevor.

Scape Drop-ins
31 May & 1 June 2005
6 – 12 year olds
Come to see the exhibition and take part in creative activities in The Sculpture Room.

Artist-led workshop
Looking at Sculpture
3 June 2005
9 – 12 year olds
Work together in a group to make a large-scale sculpture in the gallery then photograph it using still and moving-image cameras.

Take over Tuesdays
14/21/29 June 2005
3 – 5 year olds
Come and take over the gallery! These sessions are led by artist Kathy Norris and engage pre-school children and parents / carers in fun creative play inspired by the exhibition.

The Sculpture Room
24 – 27 May 2005
Local community groups are invited to book a free tour of Scape and a session in The Sculpture Room, where they will be able to interact with a variety of materials and make sculptures.

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This is the first one-person gallery survey in the UK of recent film-works by Finnish artist Mika Taanila. It includes the premiere of Taanila’s new film, Optical Sound, co-commissioned by SPACEX, LUX and Kinotar.

Mika Taanila studied cultural anthropology in Helsinki, video design in Lahti, and worked as a documentary filmmaker and director of music videos, as well as an artist. A common theme is a fascination with science fiction, and the futuristic ideas and utopias of the recent past. There is a focus upon the technological dreams of the previous generation.

More Info

In the film Futuro – A New Stance for Tomorrow (1998) Mika Taanila explores the history of an icon of space-age design, the 100% plastic Futuro House designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968; an egg-shaped, prefabricated portable building.

The film traces the short history of this structure, which symbolizes ‘the dream of the future’ of the late 1960s, examining the utopian, ‘Made-In-Finland’ vision, and also how the oil crisis put an abrupt end to the project in 1974.

Today the Futuro House stands for a utopia that almost came true.

Related Events

Take over Tuesdays
8 / 15 / 22 March 2005
3 – 5 year olds
Come and take over the gallery in this fun series of workshops for pre-school children and their parents / carers. Activities include creating dens, making up stories and making artwork inspired by Mika Taanila’s films

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Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, aka JODI, are among the world’s most-renowned computer artists. In the early days of the web, their online artwork spread around the net like wildfire, challenging the conventions of a medium that had only just begun to emerge.

As humans, our relationship with technology is fragile. Too often, it seems that the computer is in control of us, rather than vice versa. The relationship goes both ways. The computer is shaped by us and we are shaped by the computer – often in ways we don’t fully understand. JODI’s work uses unstructured play as a way to illuminate this two-way process.

More Info

By messing around with their computer desktop or playing video games with no intention of winning, they highlight not only the behavioural patterns of computer users but also the intentions of the computer engineers, games designers and people who market the lifestyle to us. JODI revel in both failure and playfulness as an expression of childlike resistance to a bureaucratic world. Yet to see JODI simply as anarchic virtuosos belies the sophistication of their work.

The works in Computing 101B share a fixation with surfaces, from the Macintosh desktop to the cyborg skin of Max Payne. Their work is a deliberate attempt to express their humanity (warts and all) through the computer, delving far beneath the surface of the information age to reveal the human and the absurd lurking underneath.

Related Events

2 February 2005
Geoff Cox, Joasia Krysa and Christian Nold demonstrate some productive contradictions in discussing the word of JODI

Half term drop-ins
15 & 16 February 2005
Activities for 6-12 year olds, no need to book, just drop-in for a few minutes or a few hours to take part in creative activities

11 – 19 February 2005
During January 2005 inmates of Exeter prison will have the opportunity to work with Dan Harris, a digital artist, on designing and producing a computer animation. See the results in Spacex atrium.

Stop Motion
12 & 13 February 2005
This two-day workshop is a great introduction to animating with cut-outs and models. You will design and shoot your own animated film relating to the work of JODI. Led by local artist and animator Jenny Mellings.


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25 September – 20 November 2004
18 September – 23 October 2004 Liverpool Biennial – Old Haymarket / National Wildflower Centre
25 September – 20 November 2004 Spacex, Exeter

Maria Thereza Alves, Caroline Bergvall & Ciaran Maher, Susan Boafo, Jyll Bradley, Stuart Brisley, Peter Fend / GLOBAL FEED, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Helena Goldwater, Andrew Lawson, Vong Phaophanit, Lois & Franziska Weinberger

Hortus is an international group exhibition that explores underlying links between horticulture and colonialism, through contemporary art. It is a dual-site exhibition taking place simultaneously at Spacex, in Exeter, and as part of the Liverpool Biennial, in the Old Haymarket, with a special project at the National Wildflower Centre.

More Info

While c19th plant gatherers followed the trade routes that grew up with the expanding British Empire, nurseries were busy hybridizing and improving their discoveries, acclimatizing new varieties to the British conditions. The contemporary legacy of this process of conquest and acquisition lives on in the form of the so-called ‘English’ garden, with its enormous variety of plants from around the world.

2004 has been designated the ‘Year of the Garden’ in the UK (marking the 200th anniversary of the Royal Horticultural Society), at a time when gardening has become enormously popular, yet there has been little reflection on the power mechanisms which brought the English garden, as we know it today, into being.

Related Events

Flower Story
14 & 15 October 2004
An opportunity for pre-school children and their parents / carers to work with artist Kathy Norris. Fun creative activities inspired by themes in Hortus.

Young Flower Arrangers
29 October 2004
If you thought that flower-arranging was stuffy think again! Well-known local flower arranger Janet Phare will lead this fun, foliage-filled workshop.

The Big Draw
16 October 2004
At St Bridgets Nursuries, Old Rydon Lane
Shoppers are invited to spend some time drawing plants and making plant games with Ruth Oakley.

Plant Identification
26 & 27 October 2004
Our nursery-man in residence, Caradoc Doy, will be on hand to identify which parts of the world your plant originates from and which plant family it belongs to. Record what you have discovered on a decorative label.

Hortus Print-making
28 October 2004
Find out about how printing links to the themes of the current exhibition and experiment with different techniques to make a set of your own prints. Double Elephant Print Workshop will lead this session.

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Peter Fend is an artist, architect and environmental activist. In 1980 he founded the New York based Ocean Earth Development Corporation. At Spacex, during the BA Festival of Science in Exeter, Fend presents Global Feed, an environmental imaging service revealing the effects of man-made pollution on the environment.

Fend takes an alternative view of the globe starting from the South Pole: the centre of the Southern ocean, where the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans extend out from. If we think about geographical information according to ocean basins, rather than land masses or hemispheres, then we can really start to influence climate change.

More info

As the newspaper reports have been repeating, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism. Peter Fend’s response is clear and unequivocal. “The question is no longer how to predict global warming but rather how to reverse global warming.”

Working in collaboration with marine scientist, Dr Samantha Lavender from the University of Plymouth, the Fend projection centres around Antarctica and the world ocean system. Data projections in the gallery show six years of ocean temperature change, contrasted with the movement of sediment on the sea surface. At issue is what changes in these patterns result from human actions.

Related Events

Gallery talk
27 July 2004
Peter Fend and Tom Trevor in conversation
Can artists effect timely histroical change? Is art history in the way?

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The premiere of a new video work, exploring the social and historical significance of bells, through sound. At the end of the Foot & Mouth epidemic in 2001, on the first day that movement restrictions were lifted in the parish of Highampton, Devon, the church bells rang a peal all day, for the first time in six months. Artist and farmer, Marcus Vergette, based close by, was ‘Case 66’ in the Foot & Mouth crisis. This is his third work made in response to FMD and its aftermath.

More Info

Marcus Vergette says: “The sound of a bell is a complex sound, not only in trying to determine the perceived pitch of the bell, but also in determining what we perceive the bell to be ‘saying’. This video looks at different ringers and their relationship to their tower, and follows the casting of a bell and ringing a full peal on Hosanna in Buckfast Abbey.”

Commissioned by Aune Head Arts as part of the Dartmoor Changes project.

Related Events

Listening Walk
19 June 2004
Andy Stevens, bell-ringer and bird song specialist, leads a walk on Dartmoor and talk about the tradition of bell-ringing in Devon. Anyone over the age of 12 can have a try at ringing. Organised by Aune Head Arts.

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On the 20th anniversary of The Battle of Orgreave, Spacex presents Mike Figgis’s critically-acclaimed film of the artist Jeremy Deller’s re-enactment of the day which has come to represent the climatic clash of the 1984 Miner’s Strike.

Jeremy Deller’s spectacular re-enactment of The Battle of Orgreave was orchestrated by Howard Giles. It was filmed under the direction of Mike Figgis for Artangel Media and Channel 4.

More Info

The National Union of Mineworkers went on strike in March 1984. The dispute lasted for over a year and was the most bitterly fought since the general strike of 1926, marking a turning point in the struggle between the government and the trade union movement.

On the 18 June 1984 there occurred at the Orgreave coking plant one of the strike’s most violent confrontations, begun in a field near to the plant and culminating in a police cavalry charge through the village of Orgreave.

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Artists: Tariq Alvi, Oladélé Ajiboyé Bamgboyé, Caroline Bergvall, Ansuman Biswas, Jyll Bradley, Lisa Cheung, Michael Curran, Jem Finer, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Jenny Mellings, Misha Myers, Rosalind Nashashibi, Grayson Perry, Quack-Project, Wrights & Sites + When In Rome II

Locations: Spacex, The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Habitat, The Blue Boy Gift Shop, East to West, vacant shops in Paris Street, Exeter (numbers 12, 20 and 22)

Homeland is a major contemporary art project involving exhibitions, interventions, performances and events which essentially asks the question “What is Middle England?”

More Info

Homeland involves thirty four artists commissioned to either make new works or show existing pieces in everyday contexts for the first time including Turner Prize-winner Grayson Perry, celebrated Latino-American artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña and ICA Becks Futures-winner Rosalind Nashashibi. Homeland is presented, as part of the Middle England Series, in association with Arts Council England’s decibel initiative, “raising the voice of culturally diverse arts in Britain”.

Increasingly politicians, advertising and the media refer to ‘Middle England’ as if it were an accepted everyday definition, and yet its underlying criteria remain unclear. The question of who is able to consider themselves a part of Middle England, for example, is ambiguous. One aim of the project is to examine the construction of a cultural hegemony around this peculiarly English, class-bound model of community, with its strong sense of belonging and ownership, and thus its equivalent sense of exclusivity and resistance to change.

Related Events

Yodel Rodeo
17 April 2004, High Noon to High Tea
Royal Albert Memorial Museum and city centre streets
Myers’ persona, Buffalo Sue, reframes the old Roman walls of Exeter into a rodeo corral, singing her Texas lullabies. Line dancing interludes performed by Exeter’s Montgomery Mavericks. You can follow along both remotely over a 3-D map of the old city at the Museum, or in the city centre streets.

Lonesome Long Gone
Saturday 15 May, High Noon to High Tea
Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Myers presents Buffalo Sue alongside the Museum’s exhibit of a North American Bison.

Blue Boy Walks: Wrights & Sights
Wrights & Sites are Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith and Cathy Turner.
The displaced, shrapnel-scarred Blue Boy stands alone. To this orphan landmark for shoppers, we come bearing carrier bags of gifts, the colour of the sky.

In and Out of Middle England
30 April & 1 May 2004
Exeter Phoenix
A two-day symposium which aims to provide a critical platform for current ‘cultural diversity’ debates and to examine related socially-engaged concerns within contemporary visual arts. Presented by decibel, Arts Council England South West and organised in partnership with Spacex and Picture This.

Programme Highlights
What is Middle England? Sarat Maharaj, art historian/co-curator of Documenta XI; Kodwo Eshun, writer/researcher; Raimi Gbadamosi, artist/curator and Susan Pui San Lok, artist/writer.
Investigating Histories: Artists Oladélé Bamgboyé, Ansuman Biswas &Erika Tan present their current archive based projects.
Migrations: Artists film programme including work by Marine Hugonnier,Uyen Luu, Rosalind Nashashibi and Alia Syed, followed by a discussion with participating artists.
Paradise Omeros: the latest film by Isaac Julien.
Re-Bop Session: a live multi-media performance by Soul Jazz Sound System and Jonnie Williams

17 April 2004