Preston Street Union

Preston Street Union (PSU) is an artists association, initiated by artist and independent curator Trevor Pitt during his residency in 2015. Artists from in and around Exeter come together to explore collaboration as a strategy for artists to making things and making things happen for mutual benefit. PSU have already worked with Cathy Wade, Emily Warner, Juneau Projects, and Clare Thornton and will continue to draw on elements from the timbre set by Trevor Pitt.

Preston Street Union wins VASW Mentoring place

15 PSU associate artists will be mentored by Jo Leahy, director of Stroud Visual Arts during 2016 through the Visual Arts South West (in partnership with Creative Skills) mentoring scheme. Trevor Pitt said “it’s amazing to see PSU start the new year with such great news, this will allow the group to stay focused on working together to make things happen”.