Thoughts on ‘
Meaning in Action’
by Sophia Carmen

Sophia, one of our gallery assistants, has written a short review of Katy Dove’s new film work Meaning in Action.

Katy Dove, Meaning in Action, 2013. (4 mins 14 secs)
Review by Sophia Carmen

The combination of visual and audio conveys a sense of the daily grind of industrialism being underpinned by the soul of colour, movement, pattern, form and sound. Although the layering of sounds is far from melodic, and somewhat mechanical sounding in source, there is an embracing softness to the experience. Stains of colour run down and soak in to the background. Blurred edges contrast with crisp recognisable forms, which quickly become abstract as pattern becomes more dominant. Angular limbs serve as containers, which are enlivened with alluringly rich colour palettes. To view it is a strangely calming, sensory experience of beautiful visuals with somehow rhythmically coherent sounds.

Image: John Melville