We do not always create ‘works of art,’ but rather experiments…

IMG_0452We do not always create ‘works of art,’ but rather experiments; it is not our intention to fill museums: we are gathering experience. 

– Josef Albers

This initial period of Trevor’s residency has focussed on designing the space and activities that will facilitate collaborations and test ideas. The work of the pioneering artist and educator Josef Albers is a key reference point for the residency. Pitt is reworking some of Albers classic furniture designs to create a set of ‘flat pack’ items that creates the potential for a mobile resource for artists and DIY art students alike.

IMG_8182Pitt is also exploring ways in which he can continue to develop some of the ideas from his previous project Cannon Hill Art School, Preston Street Union will help to extend this legacy providing a platform for artists based in and around Exeter to come together to learn about and make art. Find out more about PSU here.